always ahead of our time

USA Today recently posted its celebrity couple name maker. You know -- how Bennifer and Brangelina got their monikers.

You put Dad2Amara and I together and you get: Timina.

Little does the newspaper know is that we Filipinos don't need a computer program to come up with a nickname. We Flips already have celebs named Pops, Jolina, and Dolphy.

But what some of my fellow Pinoys do is far more outrageous than creating a name for a famous duo. Some Filipino parents will combine both of their names to create a hybrid of sorts. My cousin's middle name is Amir - a combination of Aminah (his mom) and Raul (his dad). But that's not the most outlandish one. There are Filipinos named Marjon (after adding and subtracting from Mary and John).

See, Filipinos don't need to be famous...we're way ahead of our time. Mom2Timinia. Hmmm, just doesn't seem to have quite the same punch as Mom2Amara...
today's good: I got to leave work for a bit today to have lunch with some friends. Ate a fantastic chicken salad croissant at a local brewery (nope, didn't have any beer since I still had an entire afternoon of work ahead of me). It's always nice to get away from the hectic pace of work for some good company!
today's bad: Up until this week, I thought 2007 was dragging. But now that things are moving along for me a bit nicer than before, it seems the year is flying by! WTF? My work project launch date is in less than two weeks. Election day (another big work day) is just around the corner from that. And then there's planning Amara's 4th birthday party. Ugh.

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  1. That's funny! We have friends whom I've dubbed "Berenity" (Serenity & Bernie).

  2. We had a maid who was Oblivious of what the parents and the priest christened her, Clitoria!..I even tried to tone it down to Clit!..I didn't think that was easy on the ears either. In some countries, her name could lunch a stampede of dirty men!

    Uncle Jorge


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