You can almost hear the cash registers.

So I was sick of moping around. And even though I said shopping didn't work in cheering me up, I guess I wasn't aiming high enough...literally.

First I find out that my purse party purse has been shipped. Then I get an email telling me my portrait turned necklace Amara drew is also on its way to me.

But if that wasn't enough, to make up for the fact that we really cannot afford to buy into a new school district, Dad2Amara and I have resigned ourselves to living in the 'tucky we are in now. But that's ok -- now that I will have a new privacy fence and deck!! They'll look like this (sans the gazebo...I really couldn't afford that):

At least I'll have a pretty place to eat the hot dogs I'll be stuck living off of all summer long since we'll have no money left after paying for our new goodies.
today's good: As pathetic as this will sound, I went into work today. But I got a ton accomplished. I no longer have the drowning feeling I once had. It's now like a suffocating one.
today's bad: Great-grandma2Amara is in the hospital again. Ninja Mom and Sunshine, don't worry too much. She should be discharged Sunday. We had a scare but the doctors have assured us that if Great-Grandma2Amara takes better care of herself, we should be in the clear for awhile.
Photo credit: Elyria Fence


  1. I ran up a $200 phone bill talking to a tekky in California to fix my computer! Now I'm broke, too!
    ps - Thanks for keeping me posted on Lola, Nik.


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