consoling myself

Been bitter and down in the dumps lately. Nothing seems to be going my way. Waaaaa, waaaa - I know. Break out the tiny violin. But rather than curling up into a little ball and being handed my @ss, I did something about it. I was proactive.

Do you agree with my decision?

I couldn't resist. But oddly enough, shopping wasn't even enough to make me come out of this funk. Maybe I'll try again (and I do mean the shopping therapy) tomorrow.
today's good: My mother in law doesn't like me. Maybe that means she'll never talk to me again.
today's bad: Who ever thought that a spring break would be good for kids? Bean's on vacation this week. And sad but true, preschool not only give her a phenomenal start on her education, but it's like bonus child care for our family. So spring break? It wreaks havoc on our schedules. I'm getting a late start at work because I am on Mom2Amara duty this morning. So I say -- just say NO to spring break! Make the kiddos go to school!


  1. Just so you know I am going to continue to send Maya to daycare 2 days a week until the end of the school year so I have time to sleep and eat and relax for the first couple of months.

  2. likey your form of therapy! I might grab me a pair like that too! Now, if only the weather here in Virginia would cooperate already...

  3. Those didn't make you feel all better??!!

    Red shoes always do the trick for me. (Don't worry if you don't have anything to match them-- that'll come the next time you're down!)


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