Filipino Idol

Here's a conversation I had with Amara today as we're sitting at the McDonald's drive thru.
    Amara: Mom, what toy do they have?
    Mom2Amara: Honey, I don't know what's in your Happy Meal. We'll find out as soon as we get to order.
    Amara (after seeing the menu board): Mom! Mom! Yes! It's "Miracle Idol!" I love "Miracle Idol." It's my favorite. Now I'm gonna rock!
Guess she's gonna be a Pinoy artista after all.


  1. We went to McDonald's yesterday too... DD asked to look at her toy (I don't generally give it to her until she finishes her nuggets).

    When she saw it, she asked, "Is it a Pod?"

    "Yes, it is, Sweetie. Your very own iPod."

    "Yeah!" she exclaims as she starts to scream with glee.

    Funny how sometimes the most inexpensive toys bring the greatest joy. :)


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