hair raising experience

Well, since Thursday evening, everywhere I went I was getting compliments on my haircut. It was actually overwhelming...even for an attention hog like myself.

But I was still pretty leary -- I mean, when there's change, all anyone can say IS a compliment. It's much nicer than saying "Wow, why did you do that?" or "You got a haircut! What the hell did your hairdresser do?"

But today, after cleaning part of the house, I started getting ready for my family's Easter Saturday get together. And as I caught a glimpse in the mirror, I realized that I totally don't agree with Dad2Amara on this one -- I like my haircut!

I had a few minutes to spare so I decided to putz around online. So Aunt2Amara, Makita, and all my other friends (Susan got to see me in person) who were dying to see the new ''s a webcam snapshot!


  1. You look great... I was thinking you did something completely not you.. but you still look like you. Don't you remember your spiked hair cut when you were around 10-12 years old? Talk about a bad hair cut!


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