I object

But apparently it doesn't matter to Grandma2Amara.

I've made no secret that I worry Amara will become the stereotypical only child. She has a difficult time sharing because at home, she can enjoy all of her toys, all of the time. Amara's competitive nature is apparent - even with a simple game like Memory or Go Fish - because she has no siblings to rival. And her bratty, spoiled ways come rearing its ugly when she doesn't get her way or when she doesn't receive an item she requests. And I blame my mother in law for that.

Grandma2Amara has a tendency to go overboard. Take yesterday. Amara did end up at Grandma2Amara's house for Easter. I stayed home as planned. But when Dad2Amara and Bean returned, Amara had enough presents to tickle any child at Christmas. Christmas. Honestly, Amara had over $200 worth of toys, candy, books, and clothing. I don't say that to brag -- I mean it to make a point. It's Easter, less than two months until Amara's birthday.

Is she trying to buy Amara's affection? Is she trying to out grandparent Lola2Amara? Who knows? The woman is already whacked. She's beyond a doting grandmother.

I refuse to offer up my bratty daughter to a society already filled with self-absorbed children.

Amara already believes she's living some privilged life. And I know we are fortunate to live the lives we lead. But I also know that Amara does not deserve everything she sets her little half Asian eyes on. And that's what Grandma2Amara does. I've raised my objections in the past, and they go unheard. Yesterday, I had had it. So I called her. And for Mom2Amara, I was calm. I never raised my voice. But my drama queen mother in law would have nothing to do with it.

So now I'm sure she'll call Dad2Amara today to tell her she cried all night long. Seriously, ask me if I care.
today's good: As most people are just beginning their work day, I'm happy to report that I got in just after 4 a.m. and have accomplished a whole heck of a lot!
today's bad: Anyone got a remedy for a terrible MIL?


  1. Yikes!
    Is Amara the only grandchild? Maybe if you gave her another one, Amara wouldn't get all the attention and the "doting" will even itself out...
    Just a suggestion :)


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