just blame me

So again, these so called experts have found a way to blame me for Amara's inadequacies.

Up to bat today: a pregnant mom's weight affects her toddler's. Amara's self proclaimed "fat belly" is apparently the result of Mom2Amara.

Yeah so what if I gained 65 pounds with my first born. (Never mind the fact that she came an entire month early, meaning I would have surely tipped the scales past 200. Yikes!) At last check, she doesn't love the Big Macs that I was addicted to during my first trimester.

I mean, it's already my fault that my daughter is destined to have behavioral problems because I have her in child care and preschool at an early age. Because working moms have so many other options. Grrr.

Shut up already!

Nothing predisposes Amara to be this or that. It's the manner in which I raise her that will help determine who this young lady will grow up to be. It's how we teach Amara to be mindful of her manners. It's how we act as good role models and be community activists. It's

So go ahead. Blame me. Because I think Amara's perfect (well, ok, almost perfect) the way she is.
today's good: WE HAVE CHILDCARE! Woo hoo! We know a wonderful mom who lives in our burb that is currently staying home with her two year old daughter. She's been nice enough to welcome Amara as her daughter's playmate two days a week. And as a nice wife (gag), I have compromised with Dad2Amara and agreed to let Grandma2Amara watch Amara one day a week. All of that was of course with condition -- I don't have to see Grandma2Amara outside of major holidays! Wheeee!
today's bad: Well, after reading Todd's blog, I'm starting to think I complain too much...all in itself is a bad. So I guess I'm refrain from talking about my rushed morning at work or the cold dreary weather headed our way or even the huge pile of work that I brought home in a feeble attempt to get ahead. No, I won't mention any of that to keep Mom2Amara's complaning to a minimum.

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  1. I have been convicted of complaining too much as well. So to discipline myself, I have focussed on not complaining about the weather. After all, what can we change about it anyway?


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