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I don't want to turn this into an ugly mommy war, so please don't take it as such. Trust me, I think I'd be willing to give up my career to be a stay at home mom. But I wonder, is my job the reason why I don't have a lot of mommy friends?

Let me throw this at you.

I live in a neighborhood where all of Amara's friends' moms stay at home. So when they get together, it's typically in the middle of the day so they can be home in time to cook dinner and be with their husbands. So aside from a quick hello or an occasional playdate - that's about all the contact I have with them.

Now take last night. Today marks the first day of sweeps. And for those of you in the business you know what that means. And I have my new project launching next week (and I PROMISE, once I can release details, I WILL share them so stop asking!). And believe it or not, we do have a primary election coming up in our state. I say "believe it or not" because the apathy of residents in our country is disgusting. But I digress. I'm just saying, I am swamped at work. Overwhelmed.

So my 8 hour day turned into 12 hours and as I was driving home, a mom from Amara's dance class called to ask if we were still on for coffee. Damn. I forgot. I said sure, but there must have been obvious hesitation in my voice. At that point, we were to meet in an hour and a half and I was still in my car driving home. So as the sweet, kind friend she has become, Mom2Lilly asked if I wanted to reschedule.

Cue the singing angels and the sky opening up to show me the light.

I said yes, can we please do coffee next week.

I felt awful for having to cancel. But I'll admit - there was a part of me relieved.

And that's why I think being a working mom hinders my relationships with other mothers. My hours are just vastly different than theirs. And while I am friends with other working moms, by the time we get out of work, there are household responsibilities that need to be fulfilled.

Am I the only one struggling with this? Why can't I find a group of moms that have the same schedule as me AND can still get together after work with the kiddos?
today's good: I slept in! Last night, I fell asleep watching the NBA playoffs so I was in bed pretty early. And then this morning, I slept through my alarm (AKA Dad2Amara's phone call). But it didn't matter. I woke up rushed but refreshed!
today's bad: If you read yesterday's disclaimer you'll know what today's bad is.


  1. I think making new mommy friends is hard (harder than it should be!) whether you work or not. There's so much middle school cafeteria type clique clustering that it's easy to just say screw the whole thing.

    I stay at home now, and I love it, but sometimes I miss my work interaction with adults!

  2. No help here. I think it's tough either way!
    I got to interact and "talk shop" with other mommies when I worked, but now... (insert sound of crickets chirping!)


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