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This is my first time participating in Photo Friday at CHBM. Yes, I know I'm kind of cheating since I'm not using a photograph that I took -- but you'll understand why in a moment.

This week's topic is "my secret dream." Those hip mamas want to know what our ambitions are. You know, like aspiring to climb Mount Everest.

I actually have a lot for my wish list. Before this post, I actually have a list that I keep tucked remind me of all the great things I want to accomplish. The long list includes learning to kayak, living abroad, and taking a culinary course. Oh yeah, you can toss in finishing my scrapbooks as well.

But topping that list is running a marathon. Hard to imagine, I know, considering I can barely run a 5K. And difficult to achieve since I run so inconsistently. But when I can hit the streets, running is so exhilarating. It sounds cliche - but my senses are heightened. It's great alone time. I hear my thoughts. I see things in my neighborhood I would never stop and give time to. I love that I can release all that pent up tension and anger - at least for a mile or two. And I can taste victory, no matter how big or small.

I think I've said it before (and while I may sound like a brown noser) but check out Makita's blog because honestly, that woman can wake up one day and decide, "Hey, let's run a 10K today for the heck of it!" Phenomenal!

So mark my words: one day, I will run a marathon!
today's good: I'm really at a lost for words today so I'll just holla TGIF! Maybe it's sheer exhaustion. Or maybe I'm just having a mediocre week. Whatever it is, I'm just so grateful we've hit the weekend!
today's bad: Have you seen what's hit the midwest just in time for Easter? This springtime snow stinks!

Photo credit: Thomas_Sly


  1. You are so sweet! :) You WILL run a marathon one day. If I can do it w/ 2 little ones underfoot... than so can you!

  2. I don't doubt that you will Nik!
    You don't settle for second best....shoot for the stars high and far, so even if you meet yourself halfway, you still could settle for the marathon moon! (dont mean to sound like a monk) but if you set a goal, you show an example, and that's winning a wish!

    "Lolo Buddy"

  3. Running a marathon would be on the very top of "I never want to do that!" list, LOL.


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