Bean's sick.

We celebrated Easter with Mom2Amara's side of the family yesterday, and I could tell Amara wasn't feeling all that well. Then last night, she woke up at 1 a.m., 3 a.m. and then finally at 8 a.m. I think her overnight fever is finally dropping.

So for the first time in three decades, I'm skipping out on Easter Mass. I know, bad Catholic. But since Amara's ill, it's barely 30 degrees out, and we have half a foot of snow on the ground, I'm hoping God will forgive me on this one.

Yet, as irreverent it is to profess on Easter Sunday, I do believe in karma. And since I refused to go to Grandma2Amara's house for the holiday, I was content in staying home, doing some research for work, and then baking for my day alone. But deep down, the selfish Mom2Amara was still sad to think I would not be spending Amara's fourth Easter with her. So whamo, here's me doing a happy dance -- looks like Dad2Amara will be going to his mom's on his own! I must have done something good for karma to let me have a Mom-and-Amara-day today!

But to prove Amara did have a beautiful spring dress all set for ya go!

Happy Easter, everyone!
today's good: May we all remember that Christ is risen, and pray that He will remember all of us, including evil heathens like me!


  1. poor Amara Bean...she better not have gotten me sick! :-)


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