springtime toes

It's been awhile since I participated in a CHBM Carnival. But when I saw this week's topic, "I'm looking forward to Spring because...", I knew I had to join in.

I love the springtime. Although admittedly, it's not my favorite season. (I'm partial to the crisp, cool air of the fall.) But I love when my tulips start to bloom. And I love not wearing a heavy jacket.

But what I look foward to the most is not wearing socks and breaking out my beloved flip flops and sandals. There's something about newly pedicured toes being shown off in a great pair of Stuart Weitzman's. And who doesn't love rolling out of bed and just tossing on flip flops to get the morning newspaper?

I love the spring!

Photo credit: Jimmie xx


  1. Last Monday I was wearing flip flops, and sunscreen, and sunglasses. Today I'm in a parka and hiding from the cold!

  2. Flip flops are wonderful! I love tulips as well, although I really look forward to the daffodils.

    Got to you through the carnival, btw. :)


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