the sick child debate

I was jamming at work when I got the 'dreaded' phone call.

Amara was sick. Dad2Amara said she was hacking and sneezing and sniffling.

Who in the world gets sick this time of year?!?! It's finally warm out! We had just spent Sunday outside in the yard with the temperature in the 70's!

So I was left with a decision to make. Do I leave, missing meetings and neglecting assignments to care for my sick child? Or do I send her to preschool?

She didn't have a high fever so I could have easily sent her on her merry way to school. I'd be willing to bet one of her classmates had a cold and loving shared the germs with her. Little boogers. But then I'd have tremendous guilt knowing that my Amara might be infecting other kids.

And why is it her father could not step up and offer to stay home with her? After all, I was already at work.

In the end, I left and picked up my daughter? Why? Because no matter how much guilt I would have had sending her to school, I'd still be on my knees today asking forgiveness if I didn't stay home to feed her chicken noodle soup and tuck her in tight.

So with my new project launching tomorrow (again, I'll give you the details then) I worked from home. Thank goodness I was working with someone quite phenomenal who let me contact him via email the entire day. What did I do before I had a laptop?
today's good: Since I was home, I had one of those design-a-custom-closet people come out to look at my master's walk in closet. You know my theory -- if I have to stay in the 'tucky, then dammit, I'm going to make it a great house to live in (which is why we're getting the deck and fence)! I got a quote. It's OK. I mean, I think it's worth it just because I don't have to watch a weak hearted Dad2Amara try to lug all of his tools and supplies up the stairs!
today's bad: Over the weekend, I decided to see my doctor because my bronchitis didn't seem to be going away. Most of the symptoms have gone away except for the chest pains and occasional sore throat. Go figure. Amara's not the only one sick. I got diagnosed with some -itis and given another round of meds. Grrr. Won't I ever be healthy?


  1. I would have done the same thing if one of my kiddos were sick... 'cept they aren't even in school/daycare/etc. But I would just have to be there with them!

    Ok... (tapping foot impatiently) I want to know about this project! You are a tease!


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