they're trusting me with pointed objects

Well I took the plunge.

I'm so behind on my scrapbooking (nearly 10 months behind) that I think I've given up. With scrapping, I have to devote a whole heck of a lot of time to my project.

But with knitting, I can do it really anywhere. I can knit while I wait for Bean at the dance studio. I can't very well bring all of my scrapping materials with me to class. I can cast off while winding down at the end of day and not feel guilty that I'm lugging out a ton of papers, X-Acto knives, and markers and spreading them out on my bed.

So I visited my local yarn shop. It's actually a textiles shop inside an historic barn. So quaint. And it has some fantastic women who work there. They offered to show me one-on-one the basics of knitting. So a week from Friday, I'll be taking them up on their offer.

They apparently think that this Asian can actually be good with needles. Maybe that's because they're kinda like chopsticks.
today's good: I don't think I've mentioned, but after being down and out with bronchitis, I fell behind on my podcasts. So imagine my surprise as I was driving on I-90 when I heard my voice on the Manic Mommies! Check out their travel show if you want a listen.
today's bad: I'm exhausted. Work is really getting hectic. I'm still drowning. Ugh.

Photo credit: Matt O'hara