Growing up Asian, you learn quickly how to translate your family's English. As Godmother2Amara reminds me, our relatives' accent tends to be a tad bit...strong at times. I guess my uncle combines Amara's name with her cousin's name and pronounces it uh-my-yah rather than my preferred pronounciation of uh-mar-uh.

So it didn't take long for me to figure out that Christine at Happy Slip is a fellow Filipina.

If you want to see what it's like having an Asian mom and aunt, check this out.

And if you want to see what it's like to talk to Lola2Amara about the internet, click here.
today's good: Where do I start? I think I have solved my child care crisis. Hooray! Once I get confirmation, I'll share the dirty details! But on another note, I had the pleasure of interviewing Stephanie Pearl McPhee. I know it sounds so soccer mom-ish for me to say, but she has really renewed my interest in knitting. So in my free time (or if one of you ladies come up with a formula to give us that 25th hour in each day), I think I'm heading for a yarn shop!
today's bad: I didn't run again. And until child care is settled, my schedule is complete helter skelter. And I didn't get to scrub the hardwoods this weekend. Looks like it's gonna be a long week ahead.