we're expecting

Well sort of.

My apologies to those of you who were hoping the pregnancy news was about me.

It's actually about Amara! (And that ultrasound is of Bean in case you're wondering.)

So for the last three days, Amara was gone around telling me, Dad2Amara, and anyone else who will listen to her that she has a baby in her tummy.

If I were expecting, I think I could understand from where she got that notion. And although Godmother2Amara is pregnant, Amara has known for several weeks and has never once mentioned her own belly. Bean has gone as far as to name the child she is holding -- ironically enough, Grace. (See #98 here if the name doesn't ring a bell.)

So maybe this virgin birth is Amara's way of covering up her self proclaimed "fat belly."
today's good: Thanks to my cousin, Anna, for bringing this to my attention. And thanks to the genius who figured it out! I wish I knew who you were so I could properly credit you on it -- take the word MOTHER IN LAW and scramble the letters. You know what you get? Woman Hitler.
today's bad: Girl, you should have seen me today. I was on a rampage. Everyone and anything that got in my way -- God help them because I was in such a foul mood. I think everything just started suffocating me and the walls started to crumble. I didn't drink today (although a mandarin and seven sounds good just about now) but I'm hoping tomorrow's a better day.


  1. You're a mean mean cousin.
    You got my hopes up then crushed them...

  2. not funny.

    even though i knew it couldn't possibly be true, for a split second i almost peed my pants

  3. Amara's just feeling sympathy pregnancy for me, just like her Uncle Pete, he's gained like 10 pounds already, just in the first trimester!

  4. OMG -- "Woman Hitler!" I LOVE IT!


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