when I grow up

This week's CHBM carnival was yesterday. Again, always late to the party.

But speaking of parties, the prompt is What's your dream job? Mine would be a children's party planner.

Weird to say since I really didn't like children until I became Mom2Amara.

And I'm sure a lot of people would think "dream job" and shoot for something like Hollywood actress, hot shot lawyer, or President. But not me. It's so cliche but I'm happiest when those around me are happy, especially when those smiles are on the faces of children.

I am no Martha Stewart. And I can't throw a party like my cousin. But I try. Halloween typically is when I show off any creativity. But this year, Amara has asked for a Princesses and Knights party -- I was hoping for something low key like a Build a Bear party. But that's OK. I can do the sandwiches encrusted with "royal glitter." I can have the kids decorate their crowns and shields. I even know that I'll need a castle. I'm prepared.

And I think I could do it for other themes too.

Maybe when I grow up I'll get to live out this dream.

Or maybe it'll just have to wait for another lifetime.


  1. When you grow up....take the rest of us with you. I have had to rethink my thoughts of dream job after reading so many posts. I think I need to dream bigger....

    Maybe my true dream job, is reading & writing and getting paid for it. Today you have helped me to enjoy my passions...thanks for the carnival ride.

  2. I too have the party planner glitter in my eye...I would LOVE to own my own business that hosts children theme parties...complete with china and costumes...very over the top!!

    Check out this one I came across...

    It might give you some great ideas...visiting from CHBM!!


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