Where were you seven years ago?

I know Aunt2Amara was trying to bring me down from my obnoxious high - from the salon to the church and everything in between.

I know Godmother2Amara was throwing up at the end of the night from an alcohol-filled reception.

I know my cousins Anna and Ninja Mom were stumbling a bit by evening's end too.

Me? I was the one in white! (I'd make a crack about wearing white but I know some of my family reads my blog!)

Happy anniversary, Dad2Amara. What an amazing ride it's been. Here's to whatever the future may hold!


  1. Oh yes, I still remember that night very well even in my drunken stupor! That was really one of my favorite drunken nights ever! Happy Anniversary Guys!

  2. Didn't we run up the biggest bar bill that Country Club had seen? Ha-ha that was fun!
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't know you back then or we just had met... Otherwise, I'm sure I would have been there and would have had a good story to add as well. At any rate, congratulations!!


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