who's allowed to sleep?

You will not believe the day I've had.

I was fortunate enough to get to work very early this morning. I was rocking and rolling for a good two hours when I get a phone call from Dad2Amara. It seems he and Amara have been standing in front of Babysitter2Amara's house and no one seems to be home. I tell Dad2Amara to take Amara downtown to my work. I figure she can sit through my scheduled 9:30 meeting and then we can head home.

Amara and her dad are 10 minutes away from downtown when Babysitter2Amara calls. She overslept. Slept right through her alarm. Slept through Dad2Amara's knocking. Slept through the barks and howls of her two shepherds. Whatever. I'm annoyed but tell her I'll get Amara through my meeting and then I'll take my daughter to her house.

9:30 come and goes and the woman I'm supposed to be meeting with is nowhere to be found. It's 9:45 and I'm starting to get anxious because Amara is galavanting around the newsroom like a bat out of hell. At 9:50 I get the phone call I dreaded but should have expected considering how the morning has started. "Mom2Amara? Um, hi. Sorry I'm not at the station. I overslept."

WTF?! If I only get 3 hours of sleep a night, then dammit, you can drag your rear out of bed to open the door for Dad2Amara to drop Bean off for the day. Dammit, you can wake your sleepy head and drive your butt downtown for a meeting that I was able to rearrange my schedule for to accomodate you! Grrrr.
today's good: I went to my very first knitting class today. How domestic of me!
today's bad: Well considering everyone got to sleep in but me, I'm pretty bitter!