who needs men?

In April, who needs a snowman when I got a snow Lady!

Ahhh, the joys of springtime in the Midwest! The Easter Bunny's gonna need snow boots to get to Amara tomorrow!
today's good: I have been putting off cleaning my basement/family room/Amara's playroom. It seems every time I tried to tidy up, Amara would just come in like a tornado. My thinking was "Well, since she leaves all the other rooms in my house alone, I'm OK with it." Well this week, I started being not OK with it. And since Amara and Dad2Amara are sleeping in this morning, I'm purging -- I'm putting away toys Amara's outgrown and throwing out those valuable Happy Meal toys. I know, it's the little things that make me happy right now.
today's bad: Did you see that picture?!?! I'm used to snow but my part of town rarely gets an inch! And now it's April and we're getting hammered. Umph...

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