a courageous mom's battle

I read the story of an amazing woman this morning.

Shortly after giving birth to her second child, the Florida woman contracted some flesh eating bacteria. Doctors had to amputate her arms and legs in order for her to survive.

This mother had lost the will to live, but somehow, was able to find the strength to go on -- and she doesn't just simply "exist." This mom takes care of her family. And she hopes to one day renew her wedding vows by walking down the aisle.

I often complain here about work, family, etc. But to see the struggles this woman has endured, I feel selfish. And superficial.

So I'll forgo my "today's bad" but I do want to share with you something else.
today's good: I'm going to see Barenaked Ladies in concert! I finally bought our tickets! All that was left a week after tickets went on sale were general admission and some other crappy seats. So I called in a few favors. But that was all in vein since I just went to Ticketmaster and found new seats released! Wheeee! Less than a month until the concert!


  1. You now they're CANADIAN right? I've seen them perform a couple of times and they always seem to have so much fun on stage! Give a shout-out for me during "Good Boy" - my fave song! HAVE FUN!


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