baby one more time

Ever see this picture of Britney Spears?

OMG, Amara's a Britney Spears wanna be!

Seriously though, have you missed me?

It's been nearly four days since my last post. My, my...where has the time gone? I've been extremely busy at work. And with the Memorial Day weekend, I've been working an outdoor event to push the new work website. Yes, I've been neglecting Amara and Dad2Amara. But I promised them I'd make it up to them next week.

Dad2Amara has started the summer session of his umpteenth job (adjunct college professor). So I don't think he really notices I'm busy anyways!

This morning was Amara's last dance class. We've come a long way since this post.

Of course, Mom2Amara was running late and had to meet Bean and Dad2Amara at the dance studio. Amara's class was already showing off their moves to the "audience." Amara definitely got her rhythm from her daddy! But for her efforts, Amara was awarded a certificate and a gold star for around her neck!

Amara saw "Shrek the Third." Dad2Amara and I did not. Grandma2Amara took her. OK then, enough about that.

I think we're all up to speed now. What's going on with all of you??
today's good: I finally cleaned the walk in closet! Wheee! You can walk into it now!
today's bad: Dad2Amara's birthday is next week. Um, could someone have reminded me?!?!


  1. Love the pictures! That child is absolutely gorgeous.

    Checked out the website, and it looks really cool. Bookmarked!


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