eat your vegetables

This week's CHBM carnival prompt is: What do you wish you were taught growing up?

This was an easy one. I had a response immediately.

I'm a carb-aholic because my parents never insisted on us eating our fruits and vegetables.

You know when you're sick and mom would bring you chicken noodle soup?

Not me. Even now, I ask Dad2Amara to bring me a jamocha shake from Arby's. Yum.

Growing up, our dinners consisted of rice and a meat -- maybe chicken, perhaps pork, but usually beef. The dish might have a bit of lettuce or green beans included but never was it a large part of our meals.

Salads? Nah.

Fruit? Maybe mixed in our desserts or served on top of our ice cream.

So what do I wish I had learned while growing up? The importance of a truly balanced meal. I go through carb withdrawal when I cut down on the grains and add a pepper here or an asparagus there. I snub fruit unless it's part of an apple turnover or a cherry cheesecake. I just don't appreciate the wholesome nature of these foods. Not to mention they are much lower in calories than the jumbo sized bagel from Panera.

No parent is perfect so it would be inappropriate of me to point my fingers at Lolo and Lola2Amara and say, "Why didn't you teach me this?" They raised me and Aunt2Amara as best as they could.

But a little food-know-how would have been nice!


  1. I'm a carb junkie, too. Luckily, LA Toddler loves vegetables -- and I have no idea where she gets that from.

    Start 'em, young. I always say. Maybe they'll stick with it.

  2. i'm actually craving fruit right now! but i heard that too much fruit means too much sugars, which could lead to gestational can never win!

  3. Great post! I am the same way, but worse. And my parents DID try to teach me about the importance of eating right.

  4. Oh, how I crave the comfort carbs! Funny thing, I loved fruits and vegetables when I was little. I didn't become a carb junkie until I became ancient.

  5. Great post! I too go straight for comfort foods before eating better. My mom was always baking so I ate it...LOL

  6. I am debating oreo cookies, and I've already had my good choice (apple and melon) for the night. I have been working on exercise so my kidlets don't discover the need for it, say, ummmmm - at age 30. Thanks sooo much for stopping by my site! The carnival has such great benefits...and for the tato - too funny.

  7. I'm a carbaholic. I really don't like fruit and eat few veggies. But my parents eat all that good stuff, so I can't blame them. ;-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Fantastic post. What I've found interesting my oldest and my baby love their veggies, because I started them early on broccli and carrots, but my other 2, don't like them, because I worked, and dinner had to be fast, and for some reason veggies weren't on the menu most nights. So I've splurged and bought Ovaltine for them to make sure they get their vitamins. I'll let you know, but I'm going to do an experiment to see if sneaking veggies in their food works.


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