hot to boot!

Today feels like flip flop weather but Amara's got boots on her mind!

Let's put it this way: Dad2Amara told me last night, "I'm screwed."

Our local Dillard's is closing its doors. So Amara and I made a quick stop there to see what was left. Everything was strewn about. Nothing was organized. But Amara quickly found the kids shoe section. She asked for a pair. Since most things were 50-75% off, I told her if she could find a size 11 pair for the fall, they would be hers.

So off Amara went.

Next thing I know, I hear her shouting from the other side of the shoe department, "Mommmmmmm! I found 11!"

She runs over to me with not one but two pairs of knee high boots - one being Kenneth Cole and the other a Stride Rite pair (shown above).

Yes, Dad2Amara, you are screwed.

Not only is she a fashion hot plate, but she knows one of my favorite rules: If it's 50% off, why only buy one?!?!
today's good: Having gotten little accomplished last night, I'm feeling good about today. Good outlook. Look cute. And have an afternoon to devote to Bean!
today's bad: I slept through my alarm this morning. And in my rush, I forgot to set Dad2Amara's alarm. Sorry dear!


  1. I like your 5o-per-cent-off rule. It makes perfect sense to me. Why can't men get it?


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