mama said to go to school

I love this.

Some guy in St. Louis is suing...because his tat artist screwed up and had several mistakes, including a misspelling!

The story is hilarious! What in the worlb?

But now I want a tattoo again! But I'd have to lose 20 pounds first. Funny thing when you go to the doctor's for a sinus infection...they still weigh you.
today's good: Dad2Amara left for San Antonio today. And you know what that means. Loneliness sets in. Just this time, it set in a few days earlier and I treated myself to a little pick me up. Make that two pick me ups. I'm still not feeling well but I had to drive 45 minutes to pick up Lola2Amara so she could help me with Bean while Dad2Amara is gone. So on the way home, to make the trip all worthwhile, we stopped and bought me two pairs of shoes :)
today's bad: I'll be damned if I still don't feel 100%. I've literally taken a dozen and a half pills in the last 24 hours. You think the drugs would work by now.

Photo credit: dcJohn