Mother's Day

Looking at that smile, I just can't resist bragging about being Mom2Amara!

Bean and I are back from our Mother's Day weekend trip to Canada. It's been a long and exhausting weekend, but it was fantastic.

We got to see our two littlest family members. It made me want to add to our family of three.

Motherhood is a blessing. The unconditional love you give (and receive) teaches you just how precious life is. There's a lot of sacrifice involved with being a mom. But I think most moms would tell you they wouldn't trade it for the world.

As I was tucking Amara into bed, as if on cue, she sat up, spread her arms wide and said, "Mom, you're the best!"

My heart about melted.

Being Mom2Amara rocks.
today's good: Dad2Amara surprised me for Mother's Day with a freshly baked pie - my favorite (yes, he's a bit more handy in the kitchen than me).
today's bad: Um, in an effort to stay carb-less during the week, I ate the entire pie Sunday night...


  1. do it ... add another! I didn't want to be a family of 5, 6 years ago but I don't regret it one little bit.


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