oh Canada!

So if I have a birthday month and Christmas starts on Black Friday, can I have an entire Mother's Day weekend?

In less than 12 hours, Amara, Lola and Lolo2Amara, and I will hit the road to head towards our neighbors up north. So excited! But I can already tell it will be a caffeine fueled day because I am tired! We'll be detouring at every Starbucks!

So Dad2Amara has mentioned that I do not yet have a Mother's Day gift. Hmmmm, Dad2Amara, you think you want to start moving on that?!?! I'm hoping for an iPod car adapter but if I get a purse, I'll be OK with that too :)

I've realized that I haven't written on a lot of news lately.

I could write about the car seat recall or about the comeback of glass baby bottles (because toxins from the plastic ones are leaking into the infant's formula). But why would I want to remind myself of all the bad things out there that we Moms do all the research for just to be told that our kids are still in harm's way?

Or I could write about the vegan parents going to prison because their son died of malnutrition. But who am I to question what parent thinks it's normal for a 6-week-old to weigh under four pounds?
today's good: I found out that the hotel we're staying at has high speed internet access! I'm going to Canada with my laptop! I'm such a geek!
today's bad: It's only going to be in the 50s this weekend up north -- I was so bummed because I wanted to take Amara walking along the shores of Lake Huron. Humph.