reason's why I'm crazed

in no particular order:

  • Work
  • My house is a mess...a HUGE mess. And I hate messes. I can feel the germs.
  • Planning Amara's birthday party. NO ONE is RSVP'ing no! 16 kids at my house?!
  • NBA Playoffs (I think my heart has stopped at least once in each of the last 5 Eastern Conference playoff games. What's up with these close games?! And why do they have to run past 11 p.m.? How am I supposed to get any sleep?)
today's good: I have a cute new dress! Wore it today and meant to take a picture of it to show all of you but again, I'm crazed.
today's bad: I'm starting to feel like a conspiracy theorist. Ever feel like everyone is plotting against you? Again, I'm crazed. I can't say it enough. I tell all of my friends not to take it personally. I'm just trying to get my bearings straight. So excuse me when I get a bit ticked off when someone gets all uffity and puffity because I'm not calling. I'M BUSY! Yes, it's out of character for me to be this busy at work. But I've been handed a fantastic opportunity. And I lose sleep over it. Why can't people understand that? It's not some grudge or vendetta or anything personal. I hardly see my daughter. So when I ahve a free moment, I try to spend it with Amara. Seriously, get over yourself.


  1. 1. Hire a cleaning lady for a one time clean... (I'm seriously hiring a garden guy to take care of all things outside cause that's stressing me out!)
    2. Have the party outside if possible.... some parents might stick around and that helps tons. How long did you plan it? Hopefully around the 2 hour mark... 1 hour for playing and games then 1 hour for food, cake and presents and good byes.
    3. Hopefully one more game to go in the series and then you will have a little break.


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