Wednesday, May 16, 2007

stick it

Now that I am blogging on, I feel like I'm neglecting this blog.

Honestly, the fountain of ideas has run dry.

I'd rather just not post here than to recycle topics. But there's something I wrote today that I think warrants more attention.

An essay in the New York Times talks about one mother's secret: she has stashed away her pregnancy test stick.


Can you say unsanitary?

Hey, I'm not judging. But I have ultrasound pictures, some of my favorite Amara outfits and a pair of her baby booties. That's how I choose to commemorate Amara's birth.

But to keep the pee stick? Yuck.
today's good: I'm going to BlogHer '07!
today's bad: Yeah, not thinking of one just yet. Give me a moment...


  1. James kept the stick. I know... I'm so ashamed!

  2. ummmm, I have both the sticks I peed on AND my friend actually stashed it in her wallet (wrapped in paper towel) waiting for me to pull it out & surprise Pete with it..... :-)

  3. gross... I'm happy with the memory of the whole thing. I don't want the stick... You guys must rid yourself of the sticks! BTW congrats on getting the GO for Blogher07... you deserve it!


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