strict orders

Yesterday, after posting here, I realized I had this huge lump forming in my throat. I couldn't eat or drink anything without being in excrutiating pain. And just breathing hurt. I thought maybe it was part of whatever-itis the doc diagnosed me with over the weekend. But then my voice started to go.

If you know me - I like to eat. I need to drink coffee. And I love to talk.

So red flags went up. And this morning, I went in to see the doc. Mind you, I didn't want to be seen as a hypochondriac given I had just seen him three days prior. But I am not feeling like myself. The good ol' doc says that I never got over my bronchitis (we already knew that) and every time my body gets hit with a cold or sinus infection, my overweight, run down body isn't fighting it. I guess the immune system is beat. So now I'm on soem form of Prednisone. And I'm on something else too. And then he scolded me for not sleeping more than 5 hours a night. Then he proceeded to tell me I can not go into work tomorrow.

OK big problem there.

I already took off yesterday. I called in sick today. And now he wants me to stay in bed Wednesday?!?

He then obviously does not know about my new project that my station launched this morning!

There it is. The secret's out.

For the last eight weeks, I have been working on this website for work. I'd love for all of you to check it out! Let me know what you think! Now remember, it's still in its infancy, but we're well on our way! And if you know moms who live in my area, let them know about the site too!
today's good: Well aside from coughing up a storm, Amara seems to be feeling better. She's spent the day in her pajamas and today, I just didn't care to fight her on it.
today's bad: Anyone have a good solution to the springtime yuckies? A terrific home remedy for a sore throat?


  1. Congratulations on the website! It looks fantastic!

    Hope you get to slow down a little and take care of yourself. Feel better soon!


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