what's next - soccer mom?

It doesn't get much more suburban than this.

I'm sitting on my back patio (since my deck hasn't been installed yet) watching Amara play with the neighborhood kids on our swingset.

And yes, I'm blogging while they're playing. I needed some sense of normalcy.

It's hard to imagine my life any different than it is today. I mean, 5 years ago, the thought of even having a swingset in my backyard was out of the question.

I never would have had a car that's a cross between an SUV and a (GASP) minivan.

Amara's changed my life in ways I never would have conceived. The house in suburbia (mind you, it's still the 'tucky). The dog. The playdates. The dance classes.

Sorry to get all profound on you. I think I'm just fearing what the next step is -- soccer mom? PTA president? Who is this person I call Mom2Amara?!?!
today's good: I have found two new podcasts that I'm addicted to. One is the San Francisco Chronicle's Pinoy Pod. It's everything Filipino. The podcast focuses on the Pinoy topics that do not make mainstream media. (Damn, those news people! Tee hee) The second is WDW Radio because you know Dad2Amara and I are Disney freaks. If you have some time, take a listen. They're great.
today's bad:I've gone shopping three times this week and have struck out each time in my attempt to find me new shoes. Then I thought maybe I should take the loss and look for a new purse. Um yeah, still no such luck. I'm doomed.