when a large really isn't a large

All of my Canadian relatives rave about Tim Horton's coffee. And honestly, after travelling to Canada so many times, I still can't remember if I really liked it or not.

So this morning, I realized the hotel did not have any true drinkable coffee (just the stupid mini coffee maker in the room that had some horrible brand of beans). So Lolo2Amara and I headed over to the local Tim Horton's. Here's where the problems began.

When I ordered a medium-sized coffee, I was greeted with a coffee cup the size of a toddler sippy cup. Who in their right mind would order enough coffee that you could finish it all in one gulp?! So I asked for a large. Yeah, still not enough caffeine. So an XL coffee it is. But for you coffee connoisseurs, the XL was equivalent to a "grande" at Starbucks. Grrrr. The problems I have!
today's good: Well we had a good road trip into Sarnia. Today we'll get to meet the latest addition to our family: Baby Wyatt!
today's bad: After I stepped out of the shower, I noticed this hideous rash all over my body. I have remnants of it on my face but unfortunately for me, it looks like a case of teenage acne. Wheee.


  1. I never order a medium coffee... it's either L or XL for me and I usually have 2 a day and then go home to my cuisenart coffee maker! But we still do love Timmy's coffee but I do enjoy my Starbuckies!

  2. The rash is for angering the Timmie's god!


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