why my daughter rocks

I've told all of you before about my quotable daughter.

Well the hits keep on rolling!

Today at Marshall's, Amara was trying on a pair of shoes (yes, another pair) when she asked me: "Mom, do these shoes make me look hot?"

And did I mention when she called Dad2Amara's cell phone yesterday, she heard her daddy's ringback tone (which is the theme song from "Gone with the Wind") and Amara said: "Awwww yeah. This rocks." I can't tell if she was being facetious or not.

Or how about when she made a fist and said to me: "Mom, give me props!"

I love my daughter.
today's good: I went running last night! It felt great to hit the pavement again. And now that it's warmer out and it's light out later, I really have no excuse not to get out. My goal is to do at least one 5K this summer. We'll see...
today's bad: When I say "warmer," that's all relative. I think it barely hit 60 degrees today. The picture you see was taken this morning at Amara's school field trip. It's the middle of May and she's wearing a heavier jacket. Grrrrr.