beautiful princesses and honorable knights

What a weekend it has been at the Wagner Castle!

Yesterday was Amara's fourth birthday ball in our backyard. And Mom and Dad2Amara are pooped.

I vow never ever again to host a birthday party here at our house. Waay too much work. Too many kids to keep track of. I never felt so unorganized in my four years of motherhood. I was embarrassed because I felt like I was so unprepared in front of all these moms that seem to have it all together!

But I think the princesses and knights had fun.

They decorated crowns and shields. They played inside the castle and on the swingset. And they all waited for Princess Amara to open her gifts and blow out her candles.

Amara has a great set of friends from school. We're so lucky to have found the school that we did!

Now it's time to find a spot for all these new toys...

today's good: Can we say BNL in 3 hours?!?! I'll give you my review of the concert tomorrow! And with all the birthday ball business, I didn't get to tell you all where Amara and I went Friday -- to show you about the small town mentality I love, nothing demonstrates it more than the Duck Tape Festival. Carny food, bad rides, and local was a great time! Can you say yummy onion rings?

today's bad: Why must it be over 90 degrees out in the sun on the night I'm going to an outdoor amphitheatre?


  1. Looks like an awesome time! You deserve some time off! Wish we were there to share the fun... or at least help you out. Just as a hint for next time - the age of the child = the number of kids to invite. And just so you know its much easier when no parents are around!


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