deja vu

I'm on the hunt for childcare.

I feel like I was doing this just a few months ago.

Babysitter2Amara made a surprise announcement yesterday. She will no longer be a SAHM - she's headed back to the workforce. So after Friday, I'm out childcare.

We're lucky. Amara has summer school starting Monday for two weeks. So it buys me some time.

But now I'm going to have to find someone that 1) is cheap, 2) is willing to put up with my crazy schedule, and 3) can start ASAP.

Why must daycare cost so freaking much?

And why can't there be daycares that are open later than 6 p.m.?

Why can't I have neighbors I can trust to watch Bean?

Why can't you-know-who be just a little less neurotic?

Anyone know a good sitter?
today's good: I took a two hour nap!
today's bad: I worked out today after work and I swear it was a bad workout. It just didn't feel as exhilarating as normal. Wonder what I did differently...

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  1. We had a bit of a panic on our end. LA Toddler's daycare is going through a court battle with the landlord and there's been talk all week of an eviction.

    We started to call around and every place is either overbooked or way too expensive. But, we're hoping that it all works out - the landlord doesn't want the hell I would reign down on them for kicking out a daycare. Being a publicity pro has it's advantages.

  2. I think this issue is the biggest problem we face in America, bar none. The government pays for schooling starting kindergarten. Why can't we be like other industrialized nations and have our government subsidize preschool and infant care as well???


    I feel your pain, N. Good luck. May you find someone great and trustworthy and reasonably priced.


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