have a seat

...and stay for awhile. It's post #300!

Do you like the new sofa? It's found a new home in our basement/playroom. You can't tell by the picture but it's super comfy. It just consumes you when you sit down. Very cushy. And it's textured so it will hide all of the Amara-made imperfections...

So I realized this morning that I never shared with all of you that Dad2Amara, Amara, and I went to a ballgame. It was hotter than beegeezers. Sweat was running down our necks just sitting in the stands!

It was a work function for me so we really didn't know who we would be seated next to. Luckily for us, we landed next to good friends of ours. Amara and Ian even posed for what we call their "engagement photo."

Amara and Ian were inseparable. He was trying to explain to her the rules of baseball and the history of Babe Ruth. She was just trying to give him a hug the entire night! The happy couple even made a "date" to meet up next week!
today's good: I did laps around the fitness center's pool for an hour straight this morning! Go me!
today's bad: I went looking for new shoes today. Yeah, no luck. The shoe draught continues.


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