howdy neighbor

It's been awhile since I've particpated in a CHBM carnival.

But this week, I just couldn't resist!

Wednesday's prompt is: "My neighbors are...

Can you guess how I feel about some of my neighbors if I told you I have a fence that is six feet tall on one side of the house and only four feet tall on the other side?

Tee hee.

I'm not a bitch. Seriously.

But fences do make good neighbors.

I remember a day when my neighbors first moved in. We are a new development in our community so we're all on virgin soil. No one has been on this street much longer than Dad2Amara and I. So I baked cookies for our neighbors' kids.

Let me repeat that.

I baked.

So you would think that that would have started us on the right foot. Uh, no.

Apparently by having a daughter who is three years younger than most kids in the neighborhood, that was enough for these moms to not include my family in their activities.

We've been blessed. Since then, we've had great people move to our street.

But the said cookie-neighbors are still next door.

And to make matters worse, now that Amara has a swingset in our backyard, the parents who didn't want anything to do with us are now dropping their kids off at my house so their kids can play.

Are you kidding me?!?!

When I'm home watching my daughter, I'm home watching my daughter. I shouldn't be watching theirs too.

So hence, the fence went up.

I not only have to see their not-up-to-code shed. But I don't have to worry about their kids just showing up in the play area.

There's been neighborhood chatter going around about my fence and its height.

Funny, I hear about when I'm sharing a bottle of wine with my other neighbors.

And all I can say to them when the cookie-neighbors look over is, "howdy neighbors!"


  1. Just moon your neighbours - that's how I got mine to stop talking to me :) unintentionally - but none the less ...
    And BTW - I totally agree with your 6 foot fence - fences DO make good neighbours.

  2. so frustrating! people who don't care to be friendly with you until it is a benefit to them are selfish and not worth the effort... i'd have built a 6' fence too! :)

  3. I couldn't live without my six foot fence!

  4. oooh girl, them cookie neighbors sho do have a lotta NERVE. how dare they not include precious Amara in play dates then want to drop their ankle biters at your house? speaking of biting, did those critters expect snacks too? :-&

  5. I am with you on the fence. Keeps the kiddos in or out depending on your perspective.

    ginabee via chbm


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