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I've been tagged by Mama Zen.

It's a meme of fives (of sorts).

And now I'm tagging:
  1. Anna at Colourful Days
  2. High Maintanence Mom
  3. Makita at Starfish & Coffee
  4. Taawd
  5. Kate at Saving for Psychotherapy
What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was in Chicago, going to college and drinking underage. I was working for an upscale stationer in Water Tower Place. Amara and Dad2Amara weren't even a glimmer in my eye.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
A year ago, I was packing for our family trip to the Jersey Shore. And if I'm not mistaken, this was the same weekend we had family over for Bean's birthday (it was a low key party because Great-Grandma2Amara was in the hospital).

five snacks you enjoy
  1. chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard at DQ
  2. french fries
  3. turtle mocha at Caribou Coffee, vanilla latte at Starbucks, or any coffee produce from virtually anywhere
  4. Kit Kat bars
  5. jamocha shakes at Arby's

five songs to which you know all the lyrics

  1. If I had $1000000
  2. One
  3. Living with a Dreaming Body
  4. Adia
  5. I Will Survive

five things you would do if you were a millionaire

  1. pay off our bills then put away some for Bean
  2. spend a week each year at the Grand Floridian
  3. travel...there's so many other places Dad2Amara and I want to go
  4. I'd put down a down payment for a house in Cape May
  5. If I had more than a million, I'd buy a bed and breakfast there too.
five bad habits

  1. I curse...a lot.
  2. I eat rice...a lot.
  3. I talk...a lot.
  4. I'm always on Filipino time -- really really early to things or really really late. Rarely on time.
  5. not really a habit, but I have a short attention span so sometimes, I just can't listen!

five things you like doing

  1. having Mom and Amara days
  2. blogging
  3. talking
  4. shopping
  5. reading magazines

five things you would never wear again

  1. my spikey haircut a la 1988
  2. paneled maternity pants (they're so ugly!)
  3. stilettos
  4. yellow gold -- unless there's a huge rock attached to it (I'm partial to platinum.)
  5. I'd never carry a knockoff purse again -- I'm more mature now :)

five favorite toys

  1. my laptop
  2. my iPod Nano
  3. my blue mom mobile
  4. my digital camera
  5. does Amara count? she's like a little doll I can dress up!
today's good: I'll finally get to try out the child care at my health center later today. It really seems like a great place to take Amara. I think if you compare it to some full time daycare centers, it would surpass those places in a heartbeat. So I'm sure Amara will love her time there. And that in turn means I will have no excuses -- I'll have to go to the gym.
today's bad: I still have four more hours of work and I'm already tired...


  1. I detested the maternity pants with the panels! Hideous!

  2. I've been tagged for this one, too. I've got it entered and saved, but I haven't had a chance to answer. Maybe next week...

    Don't you hate it when you're pretty much "done" with work and there are still hours left? It's one of the worst feelings. Disheartening would be my word.

    Such is life. Maybe if I was a millionaire, I wouldn't have to worry about it!


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