I'm loving it

Apparently the Golden Arches realizes that Mom does know best.

McDonald's has recruited moms to go into their kitchens. The moms in turn will blog about what they saw, suggested, and learned.

Amara loves her Happy Meals. But I'm sure my preschooler would not be too happy if I were a part of this focus group.

Ever watch "Super Size Me"?

Yeah, I have my moments of weakness where I crave fries from the fast food giant. But honestly, after watching Morgan Spurlock's documentary, I can do without the Big Mac and Sausage McMuffins.

So if McDonald's were ever to ask me to serve on their mom-licious committee, I think they'd be disappointed. Because no matter how many "healthy" alternatives they offer -- it doesn't hide the fact that they are a fat-filled fast food restaurant.

Amara goes to McDonald's for the french fries, not the apple dippers. Oh, and she goes for the cheap toys too.

But, moms, listen up. I found the answer to getting your kids to just say NO to McDonald's -- Here's a recent conversation between me and Amara.

Amara: Mom, I want a Happy Meal for dinner.
Mom2Amara: Honey remember? Dad2Amara and I told you we need to stop eating there. Mommy doesn't like it there too much.
Amara: But Mommmmm, I want to eat at McDonald's.
Mom2Amara: So do you want McDonald's or should we save our money and go visit Mickey Mouse?
Amara: Disney World! Disney World!

Nothing like fighting marketing fire with marketing fire.
today's good: Well at this writing, I have an hour and a half left in my work day while most people are still in bed!
today's bad: Amara went to the islands with Grandma2Amara yesterday so I haven't seen my Bean in more than 24 hours! Can't wait to see my little girl tonight!

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  1. i'm having some mcdonald's tonight....mhhhmmm....yummmmmmm

  2. McD's... girllllllllllll, i think my daughter has been more times in 1 year than i did my entire childhood. funny how times change... i try to keep it in check. you know, make it a once-in-a-while treat but my HUSBAND (yeah, uh huh, him!) is such a junkfood junkie! '-)


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