I'm strong

I met with the trainer today at my new health center.

I'll spare you today's good and bad -- because I have good news and I have bad news.

The good news is that the trainer was actually impressed with my stamina, strength, and flexibility. The bad news is that she was impressed because my body fat is what I consider to be high. Damn those pecan pies! Why do they have to be so delicious?!

But the new club is great. I ran a bit on the track (I know, silly to run indoors when it's finally warm out). I did some cardio and then hit the weights. It was nice to be in some kind of fitness program again.

But I think the best part of this new club is that they have a phenomenal kids club -- I guarantee Amara will never want to leave! And the track actually overlooks some of the outdoor children's areas so I'll get to peek in on Bean every now and then while working out!

Any suggestions on what machines to hit first? I'll be back at the gym tomorrow...


  1. I always go for the treadmill so I can read (sorta, bounce, bounce).

  2. wow, these NBA Finals have really kept me in the dark, I've missed like three of your posts. So let's catch up!

    1) in that picture, whatever that is on the end of the arm, it looks hungry.

    2) Go for the Elliptical, it's easier on your knees, you can adjust the tension. I'm up to six miles on it. You'll sweat a lot but I far prefer it.

    3) The videos are great of Amara. Blogs, Video and website design, where will you stop?

    4) I love you're using "self-serving" as a tag!

    We need a phone conversation soon! Maybe Saturday?!?


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