it's almost time

The birthday ball with 15 of Amara's closest friends is tomorrow.

Amara's excited.

I'm freaking out.

Having worked overnights all this week, any time I've had at home has been spent landscaping the backyard with Dad2Amara or sleeping.

The house is a mess. The favor bags have not been assembled. I still must buy tulle for the trellis (you know, for the magical affect). The list goes on and on.

Looks like I won't be hitting the gym or laying my head down for a nap anytime today.

But at least Bean is happy -- she's just looking forward to her party.
today's good: My weekend starts in 2 hours! Wheeee!
today's bad: Anyone have any Father's Day gift ideas? I hate being the one in our family that forgets holidays, birthdays, anniversaries. I wrote over at that dads have it easy - they forget about Mother's Day and our kids' teachers have their backs because inevitably, the kiddos are assigned a craft at school for moms. So why can't Father's Day be in October?!


  1. Have a great party.. hope you have great weather so no one has to go inside other than to pee!

  2. One year when we did the princess theme for Maya's 3rd birthday I planned fireworks and it poured rain.... booooooo. Just went with the flow and had a great party anyway. The kids always remember having their best friends over.

  3. I'm going to Lord & Taylor on Saturday to pick out something nice for my dad. They always have good stuff!

  4. Father's Day gift for Dad2Amara?
    CROWN ROYAL!!!! Oh wait ... inappropriate for a 4 year old to buy her dad booze. Right.

  5. If Amara's dad wears a tie, go to and put Amara's picture on a necktie. You'll get it a few days late... but you can at least tell him about it. We did this and DH loves it! We gave it to him early and everyone at the hospital where he works raved about it! :)


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