What a weekend it has been. I can't believe it's Sunday already. And I can't believe I'll be going into work in 12 hours (I'm working the overnight/morning show shift all week -- so Aunt2Amara, I'll probably be calling you a ton!)

First, I have finally gotten out to take pictures of our new fence and deck. And just because I asked, Dad2Amara was nice enough to mulch around it. Take a look and let me know what you think! I may be biased, but I think it's the nicest on the block!

Second, Amara had a fabulous 4th birthday if I do say so myself. We went to her favorite place, Chuck E. Cheese, for lunch with Great-Grandma2Amara. She never left her Great-Grandma2Amara's side. She opened a few gifts, including a Fairytopia doll from Great-Grandma2Amara and an iPod shuffle from Mom2Amara and Dad2Amara. (Don't be a hater and think I'm spoiling her. She monoploizes my Nano and we bought her a reconditioned first generation shuffle that we bought off a friend.) Now the countdown begins to Amara's Princess and Knight birthday ball.

I worked yesterday at an event for the mom website. If you haven't been to Parade the Circle, I tell everyone it's like our own little Mardi Gras without the beads. It's this terrific cultural event in our area. Colorful costumes, dancers, music and great food -- it makes for a perfect day. Not to mention the weather was gorgeous!

Bean and I are now ready to go run errands and then, it's back to bed for me! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
today's good:Have I mentioned I love my new deck and fence?!
today's bad: While there was plenty for me to be bitter about yesterday, including my 4-year-old not acting like a 4-year-old, I'll spare you the details. But I will say this -- Not 24 hours after turning four, Amara was pouting and crying and kicking and screaming like she was a baby. Then, when she was sent to her room, she decided to plop herself down on her belly on her bed with her iPod blaring like she was a teenager. What?!?!


  1. the deck & fence is awesome!

  2. I love your deck! And a play structure for Amara!! Wow... I'm confident you've got the best in the neighborhood. :)


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