This post is the big #275.

It's been an eventful few days. But unfortunately, I cannot share (rather vent) the details of the last 24 hours because I have many readers who would be identify the parties involved. And I'm not ready for that drama. Not to mention I'm not going to resort to mudslinging like some people have already begun.

Which brings up an article I just read. A pediatrician involved in a malpractice suit was on trial when he was outed. He was a blogger using a screen name much like I do. And during the course of the court case, this doctor would blog about his opinions of the plaintiff and about his trial strategy. Probably not the best of ideas but he assumed he was protected by the anonymity of his screen name. BTW, If you'd like to read more on this case, click here.

I thought someone Googling me could come back to haunt me.

But just as I am learning, the story of the pediatrician shows who blogs can interfere with one's "true" life. There are tales of blogs destroying friendships and ruining job opportunities. (Fortunately for Mom2Amara, my blogging knowledge made me the perfect candidate for

So long story even longer, this post has nothing earthshattering in it. I just feel better getting that off my chest. Maybe this is my "f is for..." post...


  1. Totally off subject... cute pics of amara. She looks like a pro!


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