Bean got an early birthday present -- a brand spanking new bike!

Dad2Amara and I were going to just "look around" for a big girl bike and then surprise her on her actual birthday. But once we all walked into the local cycle shop, Amara laid her eyes on this bike, and we knew we weren't leaving without it.

I have many issues with this bike.

First, how can a bicycle for a not-yet-four-year-old cost so freaking much?! I could have funded half of a new purse with the money we spend on the bike plus helmet.

Second, who designed this thing? Why would they create a bike that has white wheels, a white seat, white pedals, and a white basket? Are they racist? OK just kidding on the KKK part. But can she ride this bike after Labor Day? OK again, just joking around. But honestly, kids tend to ride their bikes outside. And outside there's a lot of dirt. Why would you make anything for a preschooler white?!

Third, a big girl bike with training wheels means my little girl is growing up. Sniff, sniff.

And last, here's what can happen on a big girl bike:

today's good: I signed up to become a member at the local fitness center. I think the only way I know how to religiously workout is to spend money to do it! I meet with a personal trainer sometime next week.
today's bad:Call me a slug. I worked half day yesterday then decided since I had a bad weekend and I will have to work this coming Saturday for the mommy website, I was entitled to the afternoon off. So I was hanging out, reading blogs, and watching two random guys finish work on my new fence. Amara was a doll - she hibernated in the basement. Oh and did I mention yesterday was the last day of school? Great, now I need childcare FIVE days a week.