roughing it

Amara wanted to go camping.

Mom2Amara is NOT the outdoorsy type.

So this is what Amara settled for.

And now I know one of the many reasons why I don't camp.

My back kills. My chest kills. Sleeping on the hard ground (o.k. it was my basement berber carpet...same difference) was not very fun. I longed for my cushy mattress.

Dad2Amara said he'd be more convinced to go to Disney World at the end of the summer if we'd do Fort Wilderness to save money. I'm a Disser and all, but roughing it at the Magic Kingdom? Come on! Plus, even if I did agree to it, with all the equipment I'd make him buy, including a fancy-shmancy tent, it'd be cheaper for us to stay at the Grand Floridian! Ha!
today's good: God has blessed us with beautiful weather the last few days. The sun is high. The breeze is cool. The clouds have shied away. What great sitting-on-the-deck-to-read-and-write weather!
today's bad: Because of the Jessie Davis case, I went to work yesterday so my weekend has been cut a bit short. Anyone want to help me tackle the ironing?


  1. let's have an ironing party with lots of booze! - shine

  2. Tell Amara that Uncle John will camp with her and Jax and Maya when we visit (in the backyard of course).


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