So as I was running errands today, I had a huge self-revelation.

When did I become one of those moms?

You know, the ones that don't wear makeup when they leave the house to go to the store. Or the ones that don't do their hair. Or that wear their bright blue Crocs literally everywhere, even when they don't match her outfit.

Before takng my obligatory two hour nap (I always take one the night before my first overnight shift at work), I decided I should be somewhat productive. So I took Bean to nursery to buy some ferns for the deck. Then we hit Costco. Then of course we went to the big red box. And last we went to the grocery store.

All of this is less than 7 miles from my house. I could have bumped into a neighbor, a coworker, someone from church, basically anyone and I looked a mess.

There used to be a day when I wouldn't leave the house to get the newspaper without putting on makeup. The idea of going bare faced in public was out of the question. Even after I had Amara, I insisted on taking care of my looks, as superficial as that sounds. I just always feel better when I'm put together.

But I think sometime this spring -- I'm not sure if it was my birthday or if it the trip to Hawaii -- but I stopped caring about what I looked like to do my daily duties. I don't know if it was a "coming of age" type revelation or if it was more of a I-don't-have-time type thing.

Whatever it is, it's kinda liberating.

I just hope I don't run into you when I'm running errands next time. For your sake and mine.
another today's good: As Dad2Amara finished up our front and backyard (what a difference a weekend makes -- I think I truly love our house now!), I decided to clean out the garage. OMG, I can see the garage floor again! And it's almost clean enough to eat off of...almost.

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  1. Yup That's me now too - except of course my Crocs are Pearl White! :)

  2. I have no shame these days. I live in yoga pants.

  3. I never wear make up....I think my wedding is the only time I've ever worn makeup....is that bad???


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