work it, girl!

Many a times, I have complained about being a working mom.

I don't know why. Because as much as I gripe about work (and some of the stupid people I encounter), I really do love what I do. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

That's why when I saw a writing prompt over at Work It, Mom, I knew I had to participate.

You can take a look for yourself here.

But I'll put it to you this way: Each time Amara visits me at work, her face lights up. She makes herself at home. She sees me in "my element." And each time she turns on the TV and sees my work, she knows it and tells anyone who will listen.

I may not be perfect. But I hope that in some kind of preschool level, Amara realizes that girls rock. We can do anything we put our heart and soul into.
today's good: Coffee. I. Love. Coffee.
today's bad: Coffee. I. Love. Coffee.


  1. I think that it's fantastic that Amara gets to see you do what you do. Think how much she's learning about all of the possibilities!

    And coffee is the nectar of the Gods!

  2. Forgive me for being so comment happy, but I just finished reading your article, and I loved it!

  3. I'm on my second very large cup of coffee and I have another pot ready to brew at around 12:30 ... is that wrong? I can see Amara years from now... but in front of the camera. That child needs an audience!


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