alien abduction

I think Amara was abducted by extraterrestrials this past weekend.

The least the little green guys could have done was take her on a day I needed childcare.

It's been like daggers to the eyes with my four year old since her birthday in early June.

She's always been like a best girlfriend so it was such a surprise to me when Amara started acting out.

Maybe it's her way of exhibiting her independence.

Maybe she's sick of hanging out with Mom2Amara.

She claims she cries because she misses Lucida. And she says she's not whining. Although you could serve brie with her whine.

But last night, she curled up in my lap while we watched a DVD.

Then today, she jumped into my lap and hugged me so tight I thought I'd need an appointment with the masseuse.

Who is this child?!?! And will she stay this way long enough to last me through BlogHer and Disney?

I hope the martians think they'll be taking this one back. I have a no returns policy.
today's good: I was rocking and rolling at work today before I picked up Amara at day camp. I think having an event in town starting Thursday then leaving for BlogHer next week really had me moving at record speed.
today's bad: I have only lost 4 pounds. While a pound loss is not a pound gained (that's the old Weight Watchers philosophy coming out of me), I FREAKING NEED TO LOSE MORE FOR CHICAGO! So BlogHers, I'm not unkept and totally unchic. Don't think I'm a complete slob. I just play one in the blogosphere.