back to business: watering down the truth

A little business to take care of outside of Blogher today.

I feel compelled to write because this really outrages me as a consumer.

All day long at Blogher, I've been quenching my thirst with cafe americano's from the Yahoo! Internet cafe. But towards the end of the afternoon, I knew I need to hydrate, not caffeinate, my soul. So I grabbed a few bottles of Aquafina water.

I love bottled water. I know it's bad for the environment so when I'm home, I prefer to use my Brita and pour it into a nice, big washable container. But when I'm out and about, I do bottled. I've never been a fan of tap.

Yet there's always been something fishy about Aquafina. My psuedo-aficionado self never ranked the label high. Now I know why.

Looks like Pepsi (the manufacturer of Aquafina) is fessing up...Aquafina does not come from the pure springs by Mount-whatever you call it. It's actually tap water.

Bleck. I didn't like Pepsi to begin with. Now come to find out those no good corporate execs were lying to us this entire time! That's why I buy Deer Park, you slugs! Hello, Mr. Pepsi exec, my family would criticize me for spending money for water that could be from the fountain at the local park. I stood up for you. And now, I am left to ridicule you for being a lying SOB.

So let this be a lesson to all of us. Drink coffee. Or pass the bottle of Cab. Your wallet will feel better you did.
today's good: Do I really need to tell you? Can we say Blogher?
today's bad: So riddle me this - I am 300 miles away from home. I'm attending a conference that is actually not at the hotel I'm staying at. Yet I get back from all the seminars only to find out that the one wedding reception being held at the hotel is that for a Filipina bride! OMG Filipinos everywhere!!


  1. Tap water? Who knew?? I never understood why I didn't like their water either, and now I know! In the Northeast we all drink Poland Springs - it's from Maine... but shouldn't there be some huge "You lied to the public and sold a product that wasn't what you claimed it to be so now you are going to jail" law? NO? Oh, yeah - that would put the majority of corporate America in the slammer... oops.


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