BlogHer highlights

All the fun had to come to an end sooner or later.

And it is now later. And in my good ol' Mom2Amara self, it is a Saturday night, and I am already in my jammies after a nice, long hot shower.

BlogHer was a phenomenal experience. I could never have fathomed the knowledge I would gain nor the friends I would make.

Here's a rundown of Mom2Amara's highlights:

  • I got to meet bloggers I read and admire online including Mocha Momma (one to always voice her opinion, she's truly a mama after my own heart), Her Bad Mother (she's as eloquent in person as she is online), and Redneck Mommy (she apologized for me "wasting my time" on her site...not sure what for since she is just as entertaining as her blog).

  • And I met some other fantastic women like Mary at The Fish Pond (we never traded bags!), Jeanne at House in Progress (want to talk bags? she was carrying a fierce one all weekend long), Happy Katie, and Nicki at They're All Our Children.

  • I literally ran into Sara Davis from How Much Do We Love. You know I rave about her podcast with Rob Lindley all the time! So I was geeked. Probably too geeked. I came running towards Sara with camera in hand, so I'm sure she thinks I'm a stalker now. But you can see my pic with her here.

  • I heard inspirational stories from strong women like Laurie at Not Just About Cancer, Kathy Peel, and Almira Al Hussaini.

  • Then there are the women who are trying to push me out of my Mom2Amara bubble and show me what the world really has to offer like Shauna at Eggbeater. And the entrepreneurs like Finery in Life (I'll tell you about her business another day). Before meeting them, I would never have checked out non-mommy blogger sites. Little did I know how much I was missing!

  • Oh, and my insert-foot-in-mouth moment? I walked from the trolley stop with Susie Bright and had no clue who she was. Again, living in my safe haven bubble. I thought her name sounded familiar. What a dumbass I am.

  • And I was able to actually chat with some big wigs (at least they are to me) like the executive editor of Essence, Carol Lin (I already wrote a bit about her yesterday but you can see my pic with her here, the editor of Yahoo's Buzz Team, the director of PBS Parents Interactive, Christy with Five Mom, and the CEO of (who is btw a Filipina). I'd be remiss if I did not mention Dannie with the International Museum of Women.

I had the pleasure of speaking with so many other women. And I promise all of you that I'll check out your sites soon.

I learned a lot of lessons this weekend. And the conference made me ponder many things about blogging and about myself (uh oh, very scary territory). When I get in a more philosophical mood (or a drunken state), I'll write more on my burning life's questions.
today's good: I've missed Chicago so much. It was nice to spend a few days here, even if I didn't get to hit all my favorite haunts.
today's bad: Oh my aching feet. I thought that all flip flops were created equally. I might as well have been wearing heels. I would have given my legs that "long and lean" illusion!


  1. Thanks for the mention on your blog! It was great to meet you, and I love your blog! (I've added it to my blogroll!) Your daughter is beautiful, btw. Glad you had fun in Chicago... Did you see Venetian Night? I was so tired afterwards, I slept until noon today!

  2. It was great to meet you there! Let me know if you ever want me to pick up a "fierce bag" for you :) Happy to send it along.

    And, OMG. How cute is Amara? Seriously?

  3. It was a pleasure to meet you, Sugar. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

    And please, come on over and waste all the time in the world reading my drivel.

    I live to turn people's brains to mush by talking about my cooter.

    Wink, wink.

    Looking forward to meeting you again.

  4. Nicki - I was up early Sunday just so we could hit the road and get home at a decent time. But girl, I slept in today!

  5. Mo - It was great to meet you too! Please keep in touch. Best, Sheila, your Filipina friend at :)

  6. Awesome to meet you - even if it was just for a bus ride :) Your wee one is oh-so-sweet -- I'm an Amara fan already!!!! :)


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