cabin fever

Can you get cabin fever the first week of July? Or is it solely a winter ailment? Although the thought of getting away to a little cottage on the lake sounds inviting...

No matter what, you could say I have a bad case of wanderlust.

I didn't realize until yesterday that BlogHer '07 was less than three weeks away! So I've spent the last 24 hours choosing my sessions and workshops. We'll be meeting up with my Chicago "mom" at PJ Clarke's. Yum! And of course Amara's excited for her visit to the American Girl Place.

But now that my boss has approved my August vacation (the only week Dad2Amara has off between teaching summer session and fall semester), we're planning our real summer vacation.

We've contacted a travel agent about Disney World. Amara is really set on going to Florida. So is Dad2Amara. It's hard to explain his infatuation with the Grand Floridian.


I love Mickey and the gang but I would rather save some money and just hit the beaches near Cape May.

So we'll see.

But I swear, Amara decided that her fourth birthday would be the day she would become a full fledged, mean and spiteful teenager.

OK maybe it's not that bad. But terrible twos weren't that bad. And last year was really a breeze.

It's now that I find challenging.

She's pushing the limits. Amara wants to show her independence.

But in doing so, it takes a few minutes (or hours) longer to be obedient.

She was great in Hawaii.

But I'm not so sure how she'll do on our next trip.

Any ideas from more experienced, well traveled parents?
today's good: All of my grocery shopping and errands are done and it's only Friday!
today's bad: But that means I only have chores to look forward to this weekend :( OK that's not really true -- my coworker's wedding reception is tomorrow night! It's like a date night for Dad2Amara and me!

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  1. Wish that I had some good advice to give! If it makes you feel any better, my daughter is acting the exact same way. No one warned me about 4!

  2. Being a mother of three and guilty of endless trips and family outings all the advise I can give is...

    Lot's and lot's of activities!! Also really allow for downtime to just stay in and let her unwind!

    It seems most of the time when mine act up is when they are board, hungry or long as those three needs are fulfilled everything is usually o.k.!!

  3. my vote is for you guys to go to Disney....LOVE it there! I'll be extremely jealous is you go!


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